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Plasma Rag's Creative Awareness Initiative

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6th August 2005






Confusion (Acrylic on canvas) 

6 days and counting...



Need rent $$$$$

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3rd July 2005


Ok here's a couple things ive done recently.....



#1 ConfusionCollapse )

21st June 2005


 You can click on the drawing to see it up close. 

I was critiqued today on this from one of my friends that went to art school for 6 yrs and he was talking about no shading, rough edges, and somethin about the colors....... I have never taken a painting class....just drawing classes but basically tought myself since i was 5yr old.....

I have gotten alot of comments since yesterday on the diff. communities that i belong too and there all great ones....but I still dont like how it came out...

any help on learning color more...or just painting in particular?

What do u guys think? critiques welcome!

20th June 2005



"Father & I"

18 X 24

Acrylic, Ink, Charcoal, Pastel, and Pencil on Canvas/paper///

Length: 5.5hrs

If interested in a painting like this contact me @ 216.496.9328..... also if you like this, visit my site @


or contact me via email @ sweetchar24@yahoo.com


Come & tell me what you think!!Collapse )


Ok this is the 3rd and last time Im trying to post these pieces!!!! For some reason everytime i try to copy my freaking entry it disappears!! The 1st one is for my father for his b-day (may18th) and Father's day (not finished yet) ANY input??...the other is some random painting i did the other night...again I didnt know what i was painting i just painted...cant explain.........

WEll enjoy!!!

If interested in looking @ any of my other work, please visit my site @ www.photobucket.com under sweetchar. If you see anything you like please contact me either @ 216.496.9328 or email me @ sweetchar24@yahoo.com

Thanks! let me know what you think!


Enter Here!!!Collapse )

15th June 2005

quellybelly11:05am: SUBMISSIONS!
July's theme for The Plasma Rag's creative awareness theme is motherhood. Submit photos, submit writing, submit a food recipe. But in the end, just submit! :)

2nd June 2005


Everyone come in and enjoy my lil kitten whose now found a good home. I was thinking about putting a couple of these in a submission for this known art mag......

I'd like your input...please choose your top 2 or 3


Also visit my site, if your interested in any other photographs i've done or my other fine art.




Come in and see more kitty pics!!Collapse )

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25th May 2005



Ok above is a drawing i still have not yet finished. I'll hopefully post the finished work later on today.

If your interested in any of my work click below. 

Visit one of my websites!!Collapse )

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22nd May 2005


Sorry guys, there's the photobucket link below. Didnt work in the last entry.


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Ok so today I managed to take some pics of more of my work. Hope you guys like 'em. Also, If your interested in lookin at some more of my work, feel free to goto one of my site's either www.geocities.com/sweetchar24 or www.photobucket.com/sweetchar  Oh and everything is for sale. Feel free to contact me @ 216.496.9328 or email me @ Sweetchar24@yahoo.com

Comments apprecitated. Love critics....



Come in 2 see close-ups & more.....Collapse )

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15th May 2005


Ok so today i actually managed to get some paint onto the canvass....but as always i am not satisfied w/ the results, i wasnt really thinking when i did it...@ the begining it was supposed to be 4 different shadows of me but by the end it took on its own identity.

What do ya think? Hope you enjoy...and please any advice or comments are much appreciated...plus ive been in a "artist block" for awhile now. Thanks!!

Oh here's a couple pic's of our new Kitty, his name is Lu'ege...


Awww isnt he cute!?

Anyways on to the painting...

ENTER HERE!!Collapse )

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1st May 2005


My first oil painting! EVER!

Anyways, yesterday i went to Pat'catans and ended up buying alot of $%@&. But i decided to find out what all the fuss is about, and bought some oils. Came home and painted this 12 x 12 piece of downtown w/ a big metal sculpture or whatever it is....and ofcourse turned it abstract. Well i hope you enjoy and please share ur comments and critiques w/ me.

also ck out my website if any of u havent seen it yet (havent put the last couple pieces on it) @ www.geocities.com/sweetchar24


~~~Enter here~~~Collapse )

26th April 2005


Well I hope you like my old & new works...since i havent posted for ages..

 oh and if you want....ck out my website w/ some work @ www.geocities.com/sweetchar24


Enter my worldCollapse )

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11th March 2005

quellybelly6:11pm: Reminder
Plasma Rag submissions are due in 4 days. Count em'. Submit and be merry.

28th February 2005

sad_charlotte6:50pm: Look @ this

Ck out my work @ www.geocities.com/sweetchar24 , everythings for sale!

Where's My Nose ? (2005)

18 x 24

Charcoal on paper


  Close Up & More Charcoal Drawings, CLICK HERE!Collapse )

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26th February 2005


Hey guys! Im new to this community. I just thought i would post some art for you guys to ck out. if your interested in any piece or want to see more ck out my site @ www.geocities.com/sweetchar24 I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!


Paintings & Charcoal drawingsCollapse )

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quellybelly6:39pm: Time for submissions, yet again
First, to the gentleman who submitted artwork a few months ago, I didn't have access to Hotmail, and they deleted all my files. If you wish, you can re-submit them, as I found your work fascinating and well worth publishing.

And now....

I'm back online, have been for a while, and ready to get back to work. Submissions for The Plasma Rag are being accepted for March publication. Since it's so close to the 1st of the month, I'm going to temporarily change the due date for submissions to March 15th. Please e-mail them to me at raquel.leanna@gmail.com.

For questions about submission guidelines, please visit this site. Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Cheers! Good luck! Submit, submit, submit!

24th October 2004

quellybelly3:42pm: Sorry guys, life has been very hectic lately. I will be getting online more regularly soon, and we can continue with submissions. I still have an article to print that was submitted to me, and I will get to that very soon.

31st August 2004

quellybelly12:31pm: Plasma Rag submissions due tomorrow! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with.

28th August 2004

quellybelly2:46pm: Featured artist
Check it out. August's featured artist, Amelia Winger-Bearskin at Plasma Rag.

22nd August 2004

quellybelly2:13pm: Plasma Rag submissions
Just a reminder, submissions for publication in October are September first. For more information regarding the submission process, please go to be_aware. For more information about the magazine, go HERE.

There are currently no themes set up as yet, since I've been lazy. So just send your best artwork. As I've said before, "art" consists of almost anything you can think of. You be the judge.

18th August 2004

quellybelly1:41pm: Success!
Finally have gotten through all the submissions for Plasma Rag, and have picked 2 of the fifty for publication. The first artist, to be featured the last week of August, is Amelia Winger-Bearskin. The second artist, to be featured the first week of September, is Gakumei Yoshimoto.

All of the submissions were wonderful, but unfortunately I had limited space. There were some very talented artists who submitted their work.

The next round of submissions is due on the first of September, so don't forget to submit, submit, submit. Due to a full plate in my personal life, I have not as yet set a theme for this submission, probably won't until October. So. No theme. Go buck wild!
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7th August 2004

quellybelly2:42am: The submissions
I'm still in the process of looking over everything that I received on the first. Sorry it is taking so long. Certainly longer than I thought it would take.

That being said, I've received some wonderful submissions. Unfortunately, since there is limited room at the moment for publication, I can only accept four of the fifty I received. It's sad to me, because as an artist I relate to how it feels to send your baby out. So. If I e-mail you to tell you that we haven't accepted your work, it's not a rejection of YOUR WORK, just that we have space constraints. So PLEASE, don't take it personally.

I'm just preparing.

2nd August 2004

quellybelly1:30am: First submission
Hey, guys! I just wanted to thank everyone for their submissions. I received well over 50, and I will be looking them over in between sleep and work for the next few days. And I'll notify the featured artist(s) in about a week. Again, thanks! They all look great so far.
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